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Around our Guest House


Less than 1/2 hour drive

The Futuroscope - The Grand Pressigny (prehistorical museum)- Angle sur l'anglin (a beautiful french village with the rock of sorcerer a facsimile of a prehistorical cave
The Usseau Go-kart - The acrobranche : Parc Aven'thuré à Thuré - the Châtellerault car museum, it's movie theater, nautical center etc ... 'La Roche Posay' is a water cure cebter for skin disorder


At about 1 hour Drive

With animales :
La Vallée des singes (Monkey valley) - la Planète des Crocodiles (Crocodiles planet) - l'ile aux serpents (serpents island)- the park of Haute Touche - Natural park of La brenne
Or some old stone with:
Saint Savin - Chenonceaux - Amboise et the Léonard de Vinci house - Azay le Rideau - Villanderie - Loches - Tours and the wine road of Touraine


At about 2 hour Drive

Chambord - The Beauval zoo - Le marais Poitevin - La Rochelle - Saumur - Angers -

For more information visite the following sites :

site du tourisme pour la Vienne

site du tourisme pour l'Indre et Loire

Leisure on site

la piscine

our swimming pool is enclose with a secure lock
It is a 10m by 5m pool with a flat bottom, with a depth of 1.3m, their is some deckchiar to relax, and no sunshade in order to enjoy a sun bath

la piscine
la pelouse

the courtyard is reserved for childrens play, you have at our disposole a ping-pong table wich is shared with all the other, we can provide bat and ball,

rando 1

hike on foot or bike at Oyré

10 Km trail Tag yellow green - about 3h --> Red trail
15 Km trail Tag yellow blue green - about 4h --> Blue trail
22 Km trail Tag yellow yellow - about 6h --> yellow trail

To visit : Our nice little romanesque church from the XIIe century
The main 22 km trail is a 6 hour hike and is tag Yellow yellow.
facing the town hall, take on our right, the small passage downward to the wash house, then follow the tagging.
To be seen on the trail: - before 'la Clergère' you have a nice view point of the village - at 'la Jacquetière' (ruins), you'll see 'la Simerie', the famous locality of the 'Cocatrix'. - when passing by the 'Pâtureau (private), nice house from the XVe century. You'll pass by 'la Corgère', proprety which was owne by the grand parents, parents and Pierre DESCARTES, brother of the philosopher. - You'll take the roman way, old road going frm Châtellerault to la Guerche, then you pass above the hamlet of Montant, you go around the 'Rond du Chêne' to join the 'rendez-vous des Quatre Bornes'. - by 'la Petite Bataille', on your way back, following 'Sougé', then right, further, you'll pass by 'la Groie' : a defensive wall with two watch tour, a porch : it is all of whats left of the very rich house of the 'Marquis d'ALOIGNY' (1661). Two smaller trail are available:
One of 10km mark red on the map, it last for about 3 hours.
The other of 15km mark blue on the map, it last for about 4 hour.
They share the same path tag yellow-Green: Take the 'St-Sauveur' direction on the right of the town hall, then before the school take a left, the small road up slop. - After overlooking of the valley of 'Martinières', you enter th 'Guerche' forest at about the 3.5 km mark. - After their is a fork : on very right, the trail tag yellow-green goes directly back to the village. - on the right, the link tag: yellow-blue will lead you to the main trail: yellow-yellow above 'Sougé'.

rando 2

hike on foot or bike at Leugny

7 Km trail Tag pink - about 3h --> Red trail
10 Km trail Tag yellow - about 3h --> yellow trail
22 Km trail Tag blue - about 6h --> blue trail

LEUGNY is a quiet village next to 'la Creuve' river.
The Church : 'Saint-Hilaire', has been built in the XIe century. partialy destroyed by the Protestant in 1576, it has been re-built in the XVIle century. The starting point of the big trail is next to the historical proch of the church. further on the trail the fountain of 'Saint-Hilaire', was know for it's curing effect for the eyes. above the 'creuse' valley, the panorama calls for a small break. You then enter in the wood of 'la Guerche', it cover a good portion of the district and the district of Oyré. At it's center, their is the hunting rally point of the 'Rond du Chêne'. At this point you have the option to cut down the trail lenght, by taking the 'allée d'Oyré', you then good back to the regular trail at the next crossroad (on your right). If you take the road toward 'Petite Guerche' (outside mark trail), you will find the fontaine and the chapel of 'Prélong' or "the wolf chapel". When following the big trail, you'll pass near 'Montant', a colourful village by it's old home, it's fountain and it's wash house. The trail comes back throught the nice froest of 'la Guerche', and pass by the 'Quatre Bornes' crossroad, an other legend site. to return to the village, you go by the Veraton woods, the 'Dourir' and the 'Goujons'.