Host House of les Vieux Chenes

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For our guest, medieval or traditional meal

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If you wish to enjoy a diner, make a reservation 48hr in advance because I only cook fresh grocery, I'm going shopping every day depending on our guest and I'm really sorry when i can be sactifactory when you're not inculded

If you want run away from the insipid, fast food and ketchup
If you want discover a new world of unsual but delicious flavor
We invite you to travel toward the cooking of our ancester,
If you want, from time to time, to enjoy your vacation without having to think about cooking
it is possible.
We don't have a standard menu, of our 'feel like', the market, even your taste.
We welcome you to our guest table, in our guest limite. and for friendlyness, the meal is server at the same table, the same time, and one menu for all.

saumon à la médiéval

The medieval cuisine is a rich taste cuisine, where we use a lot of spices like clove, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cumin, saffron. Some dishes are Salty and sweet by the use of honey, dry grapes, fig, prunes, dates, roasted almond. Sauces made with roasted bread crumd eggs are often used. Of course not potatoes or pasta will be served, but some nteresting vegis mix. Sea or river Fish, beef, proc, lamb, fowl, game can be cook the medieval way.

cochon à la médiéval

Our dishes are made from fresh and local product
I prepare all the meals and menu depends on the market, and my envy. You will get: A personal made apéritif
a starter (most likely salad during summer, or terrine)
a main course of meat or fish, for example almond oil Chicken or medieval salmon
a desert apple pie or mediaval pie, chocolat pie, spices pies etc....
Wine, coffe or herbal tea